Business and Civil Litigation

Several of the Attorneys of Pope McMillan Kutteh & Schieck are well-recognized North Carolina business and civil litigation lawyers who have done much to foster the growth of business in Statesville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. The attorneys of Pope McMillan regularly represent clients in trials, appearances before regulatory authorities, arbitrations, and settlement negotiations of all types, assisting those corporations and organizations in resolving their legal business disputes.

Business litigation is the area of law covering disputes that arise in business and commercial transactions. Such litigation proceeds under civil law and rules of civil procedure, a body of law distinct from the law that governs criminal prosecutions. The types of issues that may require business and civil litigation are many, but some examples include:

Contract disputes

Employer-Employee disputes

Formation of business entities

Fraud and deceptive trade practices

Mergers and acquisitions

Non-compete Agreements

Tortious interference with contract

Civil suits can be brought to recover a right, obtain damages, or prevent future injury or legal disputes. These suits often require application of state and federal laws, depending on the individuals, organizations, or business entities involved. Various statutes, case law, and constitutional provisions may be implicated depending on the case. The majority of civil litigation suits can be settled outside of court without proceeding to trial. Once in court, the resolution of the dispute can become a lengthy, complex process. Different parties may intervene, filing cross-claims and counter-claims involving the original parties.

Business and civil suits are often complicated matters that contain many moving parts. The experienced North Carolina business and civil litigation attorneys at Pope McMillan can help. They have extensive experience representing businesses in complex litigation matters in State and Federal court. Many corporations and organizations throughout North Carolina have trusted them to represent their best interests.

Experience is everything. The attorneys of Pope McMillan work with companies to ensure their practices and procedures conform to the prevailing legal standards and are aligned with their long-term objectives. Whether you are an individual, a sole proprietor, limited liability company, or professional corporation, they are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled legal representation and achieving the best possible outcome in your case. Call (704) 873-2131 for a consultation or contact us online through this website.

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