Business and Civil Litigation

The right to present our case before a court is one of our oldest and most precious American freedoms. At Pope McMillan Kutteh & Schieck, we honor the right to freely argue your side, and represent you to the full extent of the law.

Our attorneys plan thoroughly for the courtroom, whether to prosecute your claim against someone who has wronged you, or to defend you from others.

Experience with all state and federal courts, as well as with your peers who will serve as jurors, gives the Pope McMillan Kutteh & Schieck attorneys and staff an advantage when preparing your case. Thorough presentation of all of the facts is essential to a positive outcome for our clients, and we make it a priority to have all the facts before entering the courtroom on your behalf. Our knowledge of the "people factor" - jurors - helps us to present those facts in a manner that works to our clients' best interests.