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One of the primary reasons America declared its independence was the resentment toward taxes. Little has changed. Keeping your tax liability low has been an American goal since long before the bells of liberty tolled. It's your right to pay just what you owe — the Attorneys at Pope McMillan can aid you in finding that amount. As an example, one of Pope McMillan attorneys complements his law degree with a master's degree in taxation and has decades of experience handling tax matters.

The Attorneys at Pope McMillan can assist in the planning stage, by working with individuals or businesses to set up favorable tax conditions. They can also plan and administer the orderly transfer of one's estate so that the tax liability has minimal effect on the beneficiaries. If a business is sold, they seek an advantageous price and contract with healthy tax ramifications. In domestic cases, they work with all parties to find mutual ground for the least tax liability. If difficulties are already present, they can and will represent you before the IRS.

While the Attorneys at Pope McMillan represent the full spectrum of taxpayers, they also serve the tax-exempt. These entities include foundations and charities, for both local and national organizations. Pope McMillan is privileged to have performed much of the non-profit work in Iredell County.

The Attorneys at Pope McMillan are well equipped to assist you with all your taxation needs. They can help you resolve an ongoing dispute with the IRS and they can advise you on how to handle your affairs in a way that will prevent disputes from occurring in the future. If you need advice on a tax question, Call (704) 873-2131 for a consultation or contact us online through this website.

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