Workers Compensation


Workplace injuries are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in North Carolina. Luckily, North Carolina put in place a Worker’s Compensation scheme designed to provide benefits to employees injured on the job in order to help them with their recovery. The specific law that puts this system in place is Chapter 97 of the North Carolina General Statues, better known as the “Worker’s Compensation Act.”

This Act is establishes an insurance program that is funded by employers across the State and provides medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits to workers injured on the job. It requires employers to compensate a worker or a worker’s family for personal injury or death that occur in the course of employment. Injured employees are entitled to medical expenses, including hospital bills, emergency care, and continuing treatment of the injury. They can recover lost income and other disability benefits. The benefits available depend on the nature and extent of the injury, including whether the injury results in a partial or total loss of function in different parts of the body. If an employee suffers a catastrophic injury, he or she may be entitled to lifetime benefits. If an employee is killed on the job or dies as a result of a work-related injury, the employee’s family may recover the employee’s lost income and other damages associated with the loss.

The Act is designed to cover all manner of work related injuries. Examples of the injuries covered by the act are as follows:

  • Assaults by co-workers or outside parties
  • Being struck by an object
  • Being trapped or compressed by machinery
  • Dangerous conditions in the workplace
  • Falls from the same floor or lower levels
  • Highway, construction, or factory accidents
  • Industrial Diseases
  • Injuries from bending, climbing, reaching, or standing
  • Repetitive motion or tasks exacerbating an injury
  • Tripping or slip-and fall accidents

The North Carolina Industrial Commission is the State agency that administers the Act. The Commission has put in place various rules and regulations that govern how employees must make claims under the Act, how those claims are evaluated, and how they are paid out. These rules and regulations can be confusing and difficult to navigate, which is where the experienced Attorneys at Pope McMillan can help.

The Attorneys at Pope McMillan, P.A.  have decades of experience in assisting injured employees with their worker’s compensation claims. If you were injured on the job, give us a call as soon as possible for a free evaluation. North Carolina law only gives injured employees 30 days to provide written notice of their intent to file a claim to their employers. Missing such a deadline could limit the value of recovery or completely bar a claim from being made. If you believe you have been injured on the job and may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, call 704-873-2131 for a free consultation or contact us online through this website.