Estate Planning & Administration

Protecting Your Assets

Estate planning is the careful consideration of what happens to your property when you become incapacitated or when you pass away. Good estate planning protects your assets, plans for your care and outlines your wishes for your loved ones when you are gone.

An estate plan can be made up of wills and trusts, powers of attorney, health care directive, or beneficiary designations. At Pope McMillan, P.A. our lawyers can assist you in developing an estate plan that meets your needs and goals.

A Plan For After You Are Gone

A solid estate plan considers a number of alternative outcomes and plans for each in turn. Some of the advantages of an effective estate plan include:

  • Minimize or eliminate estate taxes
  • Reduce legal fees by avoiding probate
  • Carefully outline the distribution of assets
  • Preserve your assets for your loved ones

Evaluating your current circumstances as well as assessing what may occur in the future is part of the process for developing a plan that is right for you.

A Plan For Incapacity

Planning for incapacity is not something that many people consider when developing an estate plan. However, determining what should occur if you do become incapacitated is an important consideration for your protection and to provide guidance for your loved ones.

As part of your estate plan you should consider the benefits of a health care power of attorney — decision-making on your behalf — and an advance directive which outlines your specific health care wishes.

Estate Administration And Litigation

When an estate requires administration or an estate dispute requires litigation, our attorneys can address any issues that arise. Our experienced trial lawyers can take on the most complicated of estate litigation matters.

Whether you need to develop an estate plan, modify an existing one or have a dispute, our firm is here for you. Call us at 704-873-2131, or contact us online to find out more. Our office is located in Statesville, and we take on cases throughout Iredell County and North Carolina.

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