Social Security Disability

Federal and State laws provide social security benefits for individuals with a disabling condition that prevents them from working. The term “disability” is defined to cover specific types of conditions, all of which must be expected to last at least one year or result in death. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of criteria that are applied to a disabling condition to determine whether said condition constitutes a total disability. These criteria can be complicated to understand, but the Attorneys at Pope McMillan, P.A. can help evaluate your injury to determine whether you and your family members are entitled to benefits as a result of your condition.

Initial claims are generally opened by the individual through the Social Security Administration (SSA). If those claims are denied, a Request for Reconsideration must be filed within the time limit. It is at this level that the Attorneys at Pope McMillan usually get involved. If the claim is denied a second time, a hearing must be requested before an administrative law judge. The Attorneys at Pope McMillan have successfully represented many claimants at the hearing level.

The Attorneys at Pope McMillan represent claimants for Social Security disability benefits on a contingency basis. If the claimant is not found disabled under Social Security’s rules, and thus not awarded benefits, no attorney fees are collected or due from the client.

If you have been denied benefits on the initial application, or you have been denied at the reconsideration level, the Attorneys of Pope McMillan can help you with the appeal. If you believe you have a claim for Social Security Disability, let the experienced Attorneys at Pope McMillan help evaluate your claim and guide you through the process. Call 704-873-2131 for a consultation or contact us online through this website.

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